CSR Accreditation

CSR-A is the only organisation in the UK delivering a global CSR Accreditation, which provides independent validation and recognition of an organisation's socially responsible activities. It is a powerful way to communicate these positive actions to all stakeholders.

Social responsibility is about developing a strong company culture that empowers employees to do environmental and social good. At GGI we believe that social responsibility is important to businesses because employees benefit from working in an inclusive environment and towards a valued social goal, helping building a strong company culture that positively impacts people and productivity.

GGI is the first global alliance to achieve a CSR accreditation. Our motivation to become a sustainability-accredited company comes from our wish to drive change within the professional services sector, highlighting how we as an organisation and our members can adopt sustainability practices. 

In case you are interested in considering applying for accreditation with your firm, please feel free to reach out to Richard Collins, who is the co-founder of CSR-A. As he likes to say, "you are never more than 10 weeks away from being CSR Accredited

We are proud to have achieved a Bronze CSR Accreditation with CSR-A