Shine and refine

In today's international markets, having global access to reputable professional service providers is essential for companies and firms alike.

At GGI, we support our member firms with addressing their clients' local and cross-border needs by connecting leading firms with each other.

An in-depth understanding of local legal and fiscal requirements is a must for businesses to be successful in their cross-border activities: we help our members achieving this efficiently and effectively.

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Five Values, One Philosophy

Our member firms are present in each major financial centre worldwide.

Whether in Australia, the United States, India or Brazil, our member firms are united by the GGI philosophy and values.


GGI fosters diversity and inclusion.

Our member firms can rely upon the support of fellow members from all over the world, and also benefit from the cultural exchange that comes from treating each other with utmost respect at any time.

Appreciating cultural differences is a strong added value within our global alliance.


Successful business is based on trust.

Our member firms support their clients with integrity and by providing objective and independent professional advice to help them making intelligent business decisions.

GGI members adhere to the highest professional and ethical principles, as it is expected by their reputable clients.


Professional excellence is one of our foremost principles, which is fostered by GGI throughout the whole GGI framework.

Our member firms are able to deliver professional services of the highest quality, aiming at continuous clients' satisfaction, improvement of services, and development of the firms' future leaders.


We are passionate about managing and developing our global alliance.

GGI has fully dedicated staff, which we believe is paramount in order to professionally manage the organisation. We love to meet our members and to present GGI to new candidate firms.

We always put our members first, supporting them with addressing their clients' needs and with fostering the exchange of best practices within our global alliance.


Each GGI member firm worldwide retain their full independence whilst at the same time being able to leverage the international footprint of GGI.

We strongly believe that only an organisation of genuinely independent member firms is able to meet the many challenges faced by businesses in today's expanding markets.

Although every member firm is unique and independent, the same high quality standards apply to each.

Multi-disciplinary approach

GGI is a one-stop-shop for core business knowledges.

Our member firm are able to support their clients efficiently and effectively with any type of professional services they might be requiring directly within the GGI global alliance - from accounting and tax, to legal and M&A expertise.


Auditing & Accounting

GGI member firms have extensive experience in bookkeeping, accounting and auditing. They assist all legal forms of national and international companies across a range of industries, as well as public sector organisations. Auditing is a task that comes with great responsibility: GGI member firms are up to the task to deliver.

Legal & Statutory Audits
Reporting & Assurance


Whether you are a business or a high net wealth individual operating locally or globally - every business decision you make might have tax implications. This is why tax professionals from GGI member firms ensure they maintain an overview of all of the relevant tax updates relevant for both companies and individuals, allowing them to provide appropriate solutions to their clients. The GGI International Taxation Practice Group (ITPG) brings together hundreds of professionals from several countries, continuously exchanging experiences on cross-border tax advisory matters.

Special purpose Audits
Internal Audit

Law Firm Services

GGI law firms are leaders in their respective jurisdictions. They cover the full spectrum of legal services and areas of expertise within the legal profession required by their demanding international clientele, both corporate and private. They understand their clients' needs and efficiently support their businesses through knowledge and proactivity. A worldwide outreach backed by local knowledge ensures that demanding multi-jurisdictional transactions are handled efficiently for the benefit of their clients.

Special purpose Audits
Internal Audit


In the current global markets, the ability to adapt rapidly to new circumstances and foresee the unforeseeable is becoming increasingly decisive in assuring a firm's success. GGI member firms can assist businesses and individuals with making the right decisions, and with appropriately balance opportunities and risks.

Special purpose Audits
Internal Audit

M&A and Corporate Finance

GGI members support clients with their M&A and CF transactions, whether they are moving into new markets, focusing on their core competencies or looking for new business opportunities. Acquisitions, disposals, spin-offs, mergers and restructuring can be the way to realise certain business goals: GGI members - with the support of GCG Capital members ( are instrumental in making sure that transactions are closed with the best interest of their clients in mind.

Internal Audit
Special purpose Audits

Fiduciary & Estate Planning

High net worth individuals have a lot to manage in terms of assets and a lot to lose in terms of cost opportunity. GGI members provide full trust and estate management support, paired with comprehensive tax advisory services related thereto, in order to enable their clients to relax and enjoy the benefits of their fortune.

Family Office Services
Wealth Management

Our objectives

For firms and companies alike, forging international business relationships is paramount in order to be competitive in today's global markets.

Our objective is to be able to provide our member firms world wide - as well as their clients - with a one-stop solution through which they can access outstanding full-scope professional services within a single organisation. Establishing and nurturing relationships abroad is instrumental in understanding country-specific regulations and business practices, as cross-border activities always require detailed local consultation.

At GGI, we provide such immediate access and knowledge via our hundreds of reputable member firms, which are recognised as leaders in their particular field:  large enough to address any clients' cross-border needs whilst maintaining flexibility and personal approach.