In today's international markets, having a strong presence is essential for big and small companies. That's why international contacts are so important. An in-depth understanding of local legal and fiscal differences is a must for businesses to be successful in their cross-border activities.

To achieve this, businesses need access to approachable professionals in each country. GGI Global Alliance is a worldwide alliance of well-established and experienced accounting, consulting and law firms that are committed to providing clients with specialist solutions for their international business requirements.

  • Where to seek expertise

    Panna Jhugroo, Lancaster Chartered Accountants, Mauritius

  • Active Members

    Marios Eliades, Eliades & Partners, Cyprus

  • Friendship through business

    Robert D’Alessandro, Advocates CREDAL, Malta

  • The learning process

    Ionut Catalin Zeche, Mirus Consultantá Fiscalá SRL, Romania

  • Reliable quality

    Johan F. Langelaar, TeekensKarstens advokaten notarissen, Netherlands

If you are interested in joining the organization to expand your international potential for your clients or want to know more about how you could benefit from working with GGI Global Alliance, you'll find all the answers on this website.