Behind every success, there is an individual. Outcomes are influenced by their ideas, courage, skills, actions, professionalism and endurance. That is why individuals are at the heart of GGI. Personal contact is the fundamental basis for our enjoyable and effective collaborations.

GGI organises a number of regional and international events to offer GGI members a platform for establishing and growing professional relationships, cultivating knowledge exchanges and providing training. GGI members value the friendly atmosphere throughout events and many have even formed real friendships through GGI. The shared experiences at conferences in different locations worldwide create a strong bond. At these events, members share experiences, opinions, ideas, visions and knowledge as well as the latest developments in their international fields of expertise. In addition to group case discussions, they explore solutions and analyse potential business ideas.

Throughout the year GGI utilises webinars and phone conferences to stay connected, maintain close relationships between GGI members and plan future business projects. The use of web conferencing tools also enables members who are not able to attend all conferences to participate in GGI’s activities and be part of GGI.

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