GGI Leadership Forum

27-30 June 2024

Jennersdorf, Austria

It's been a minute since we were last in Das Eisenberg, hasn't it. We always look forward to going “home” with Claudio G. Cocca, Founder & Chairman of GGI.

“Old” GGI members will remember this hotel fondly. It's not 5-star but it's familial and warm and cozy. The feeling you get at this hotel is like none other on the GGI calendar, with Claudio and the team pulling all the stops to make it extra special. Let's just say that there will be cheese-tasting, tractor-racing, archery competitions, wine tasting and the best chocolate factory tour you'll ever take.

This year, we have two events running side by side to one another, starting with the GGI German-Speaking Chapter and then the GGI Leadership Forum. This way, participants will have the opportunity to attend just the one event or in fact the two for a reduced rate.

For some inspiration, we have an excellent programme. We will have Prof Teodoro Cocca join us as a keynote speaker for the German-Speaking Chapter. And for both the German-Speaking Chapter and the Leadership Forum, we have booked a couple of sessions with Lorenz Huber and the Leadership Orchestra - in German, with the String Quartet of the orchestra, they will cover “Das Dissonante Team”, and in English, with the Brass Ensemble quinTTTonic of the orchestra, they will look at “The Balanced Way of Leadership”. We think you'll find the sessions engaging, with plenty of takeaways for your team back at the office.

Both the GGI German-Speaking Chapter and the GGI Leadership Forum are sponsored by wonderful friends at local host firm, KAPP & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte GmbH.

Join us for this really fun GGI weekend in Austria!