Principality of Monaco

UNIQUE out of market- WHOLE BUILDING IN MONACO, directly from OWNER

Located in the heart of Monaco, the ‘Number 8’ is a new mixed-use building including office spaces, three duplex apartments and a triplex penthouse apartment.

The building has its own parking.

The office space is located partially on the 1st basement (archives & storage), on most of the ground floor and the entire first and second floor, with its own separate entrance.

The tree duplex apartments share the six upper levels.

The penthouse, located on the three last levels, is of exceptional quality with a fantastic view of the Principality. This splendid apartment has, in addition of the large living area, its own swimming pool on the top Floor, which gives to this Penthouse its exceptional character.

Distribution of sale Areas
Office floor Areas: 1038.23m²
Office 1: 320.30m²
Office 2: 357.90m²
Office 3: 360.03m²

Apartments Floor Areas: 2333.76m²
Apartment 1: 571.74m²
Apartment 2: 495.40m²
Apartment 3: 531.38m²
Apartment 4: 735.24m²

TOTAL apart from parking : 3372.0m²

Parking lot: 832.45m²
Lower level -4: 279.65m² 9 places
Lower level -3: 279.10m² 9 places
Lower level -2: 273.70m² 9 places

Market Value; Upon request
Owner Price; 124 million Euros

Should you wish further information, please contact us

Paris 17th April 2013