Given the mobility of high net worth private clients, there is a great need for those in the trust and estate profession to be able to identify cross-border issues and to develop and maintain a network of colleagues with whom such issues can be properly addressed.

The purpose of our newly formed Trust and Estate Planning Practice Group is:

  • To provide a focus for GGI members from the legal, accountancy and business advisory professions whose occupation includes a significant involvement with any of the planning, creation, management of and accounting for, trusts and estates, executorship administration and related taxes.
  • To promote discussion of aspects of tax, accounting, administration statute and case law that are of general concern to trust and estate practice group members.
  • To advance training and learning and to promote the practical aspects of cross border trust and estate planning and administration.

Prof Stefano Loconte
Global Chairperson of the Practice Group

Loconte & Partners, Studio legale e tributario
Bari, Italy

T: +39 080 572 2880
F: +39 080 5759312

Prof Sergio Guerrero Rosas
Global Vice Chairperson of the Practice Group

Guerrero y Santana, S.C.
Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

T: +52 664 634 25 23
F: +52 664 634 25 23

Paul Gambles
Regional Chairperson Asia Pacific

MBMG Group
Bangkok, Thailand

T: +66 2 665 2537

Group Members: