Real estate is a very important part of all of our clients’ personal and business lives. We increasingly see property transactions with a cross-border element, e.g. real estate transactions in the context of M&A activities, the set-up of production facilities abroad, the purchase of vacation properties, or enforcement upon foreign property. Hence, there is a demand for international know-how.

GGI has a considerable number of specialists in this area of expertise. The aim of the Practice Group is to identify these specialists, to share knowledge between members, and to communicate the availability to provide specialist advice and services to both existing and potential clients.

All GGI members are invited and very welcome to join the Real Estate Practice Group. 

Paul Simmons
Global Chairperson of the Practice Group

Haines Watts
Slough/Heathrow, Berks, UK

T: +44 175 361 8208

Andrzej Tokaj
Global Vice Chairperson of the Practice Group

Warsaw, Poland

T: +48 22 257 83 41

Group Members: