Leadership and Transformational Change

Purpose of the Special Interest Group

An Organisation is a reflection of its Founder (leader). Thus, any situation existing in the organisation is direct outcome of thoughts, actions and intent of the leader.

Organisations, irrespective of their size or industry, are facing challenges to achieve one or combination of following goals:

  1. Employee retention.
  2. Correct reward ratio.
  3. Enhanced productivity of team members and organisation.
  4. Succession planning.
  5. Consistent Success

As a leader, we all prepare goals for our respective organizations and try to ensure that all team members work towards the achievement of the larger organisational goal. Yet there is a situation wherein the businesses struggle to achieve the desired goals which lead to a crisis management situation. Does this mean that whether the team is inefficient, or the leader is not competent to utilize the maximum potential of his team or both of the above?

In order for continuous growth of the organisation, the leadership of the organisation needs to constantly innovate and work pro-actively. Different people have a different definition of success and growth. However, there is one underlying principle for its achievement. As a leader one needs to constantly innovate on new ideas, preserve and implement those ideas consistently, and let go of these ideas and practices so that the cycle of innovation could be repeated again and again.

More often than not the last leg of the cycle is missed out and thus the growth of an organisation comes to a standstill. To achieve the last leg, it is essential that leaders keep on empowering their teams.

The intent of this Leadership and Transformational Change Special Interest Group would be to understand, discuss and share the best practices across industries which would lead to:

  1. Enable ourselves & our clients to empower their teams,
  2. Movement away from a trivial state of crisis management to a productive state of performance & deliveries. 
  3. Formation of goals across all levels.
  4. Success and growth for members & organisations.

Sameer Kamboj
Global Chairman of the Special Interest Group

SKC World
New Delhi, India

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