Purpose of the Practice Group


The GGI Practice Group Labour and Employment Law was established during the 2012 European Conference at Cannes. The specific goals of the Practice Group are the exchange of both knowledge and experience, enhancement of business opportunities, the promotion of contacts and the establishment of an international employment law network within GGI. The membership of this Practice Group is open to any member of GGI, especially attorneys-at-law, tax lawyers and accountants.

As the field of employment law is interesting for many professionals, we strive to organise Practice Group meetings that attract many GGI members from different disciplines. To give some examples, the following topics shall be discussed during our future meetings: 

  • Various types of employment contracts;
  • Reorganisation and (international) restructuring;
  • Termination and severance payment;
  • (International) transfer of employees;
  • Expats;

  • The influence of collective labor agreements;
  • Harmonisation and unilateral amendment of employment conditions;
  • Data Protection in relation to International Transfer of Employees.

Should you be interested in joining this Practice Group or should you have any queries left, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Jeffrey L.R. Kenens (Chairman).

Jeffrey Kenens
Global Chairperson of the Practice Group

TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen
Leiden, The Netherlands

T: +31 71 535 80 00
F: +31 71 535 80 01
E: kenens@tk.nl
W: www.tk.nl

Patricia W. Goodson
Global Vice Chairperson of the Practice Group

Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, LLP
Greensboro, NC, USA

T: +1 336 271 31 12
F: +1 336 232 91 12
E: pgoodson@brookspierce.com
W: www.brookspierce.com

Kai Sturmfels
Regional Chairperson Europe

Wendler Tremml Rechtsanwälte
Dusseldorf, Germany

T: +49 211 669 66 70
F: +49 211 669 66 766
E: ksturmfels@wendlertremml.de
W: www.wendlertremml.de

Gustavo Traversoni
Regional Chairperson Latin America

Traversoni & Bengolea Abogados
Buenos Aires, Argentina

T: +54 11 5031 00 77
F: +54 11 5031 00 77
E: gtraversoni@tybabogados.com.ar
W: www.tybabogados.com.ar

Cornelia Van Heerden
Regional Chairperson Middle East Africa

Heyns and Partners Inc
Cape Town, South Africa

T: +27 21 590 72 00
F: +27 21 592 24 71
E: cornelia@heyns.co.za
W: www.heyns.co.za

Group Members: