Welcome to the GGI International Taxation Practice Group (ITPG). Our Practice Group consists of more than 500 tax professionals from over 80 countries. We meet 6-10 times per year and exchange insider knowledge about tax strategies, tax chances and risks for companies and private individuals. We work closely together when it comes to cross-border tax issues as we believe that international tax matters can only be solved on a high level if local experts are involved. Our Practice Group Members offer the following services:

  • Tax efficient structures for cross-border tax planning;
  • Taxation of investments in foreign countries;
  • Accessing benefits of double tax treaties;
  • Advice on transfer pricing: Interpretation of OECD guidelines;
  • Documentation and preparation of transfer pricing reports and advanced tax rulings;
  • Tax services related to M&A transactions, such as tax due diligence;
  • Advising on hidden taxes incident to reorganizations, such as registration taxes, stamp taxes, and hidden reserves that may be triggered by the transaction;

  • Support in connection with cross-border tax examinations by the fiscal authorities;
  • Fiscal representation services;
  • VAT and VAT recovery;
  • Income tax return preparation;
  • Expatriate taxation services;
  • Tax efficient employment structures;
  • Tax litigation;
  • Inheritance / gift tax;
  • Taxation of foundations, trusts and tax transparent entities.

The services offered by our various Practice Group Member firms may differ from country to country. For detailed information, please contact the relevant Practice Group Member firm.

If you would like to know more about ITPG, please feel free to contact one of the Global, Vice or Regional Chairs. Contact details can be found below.

Oliver Biernat
Global Chair of the Practice Group

Benefitax GmbH
Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

T: +49 69 256 227 60
E: o.biernat@benefitax.de
W: benefitax.de

Ashishkumar Bairagra
Global Vice Chair of the Practice Group

M L BHUWANIA AND CO LLP, Chartered Accountants
Mumbai, India

T: +91 22 6117 49 49
E: ashish@mlbca.in
W: mlbca.in

Alan Rajah
Global Vice Chair of the Practice Group

Lawrence Grant, Chartered Accountants
London, UK

T: +44 208 861 75 75
E: alan@lawrencegrant.co.uk
W: lawrencegrant.co.uk

Ross D.R. Forrester
Regional Chair Asia-Pacific

Westcourt Family Business Accountants
Perth, Australia

T: +61 08 9221 8811
E: ross.forrester@westcourt.com.au
W: westcourt.com.au

Oliver Biernat
Regional Chair Europe & Middle East Africa

Benefitax GmbH
Steuerberatungsgesellschaft Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

T: +49 69 256 227 60
E: o.biernat@benefitax.de
W: benefitax.de

Ricardo Aramburo Williams
Regional Chair Latin America

Mowery & Schoenfeld LLC
Lincolnshire, IL, USA

T: +1 224 278 1330
E: raramburo-williams@msllc.com
W: msllc.com

Dr Carlos Vargas Alencastre
Regional Vice Chair Latin America

Vargas Alencastre, García S.C. Auditores y Consultores
Lima, Peru

T: +511 979 221 482
E: cvargas@vag-global.com
W: vag-global.com

José Carreras Benitez
Regional Vice Chair Latin America

INTEGROUP, Tax, Legal & Audit
Guadalajara, Mexico

T: +52 33 361 578 15
E: jcarreras@integroup.com.mx
W: integroup.com.mx

Jeffery L. Mowery
Regional Chair North America

Mowery & Schoenfeld LLC
Chicago, IL, USA

T: +1 847 247 89 59
E: jmowery@msllc.com
W: msllc.com

Adam Morke
Regional Vice Chair North America

Stern Cohen LLP
Toronto, ON, Canada

T: +1 416 967 5100
E: morke@sterncohen.com
W: sterncohen.com

Very active Senior Group Members: