In today’s world our clients are exploring international business opportunities more than ever either in search of new distribution markets or reducing operational expenses or productions costs. Global mobility nowadays is no longer a trend but also seen as critical to deploy and develop international talent.

Whatever the case may be, all our clients are very well aware of the ever more costly, complex and time-consuming nature of the various legal, tax, social security and legal compliance requirements of a global mobile workforce. Whether it relates to long-term assignments, short-term assignments, local-plus packages, permanent relocations, frequent business travellers or stealth commuters, employers and employees will have to deal with the issues involved and are in need of professional advice and guidance.

Members around the world are offering the following services:

- global mobility management

- design/implementation of global mobility policies

- international tax planning

- application special expat tax regimes

- international social security planning

- set-up and implementation of (shadow) payroll
- preparation income tax returns

- mandatory (tax) registrations

- application of work and residence permits

- preparation of employment contracts/assignment letters

- preparation of intercompany documents

Through this Practice Group, members can:

- identify the like-minded specialists within GGI
- find the global mobility support where their clients are establishing new businesses

- have access to a Global Mobility Knowledge Base

- improve business/personal relationships by networking at PG meetings

- increase their technical knowledge on global mobility issues
- generate (more) business opportunities

- boost GGI’s global capabilities in this area


If you would like to join or have any further questions about this Practice Group, please contact Huub Kapel (Global Chairperson) or Veerle Triempont (Global Vice Chairperson):

Huub Kapel

Global Chairperson of the Practice Group

LIMES International B.V.
AM Leiden, The Netherlands

T: +31 88 089 90 00

Veerle Triempont

Global Vice Chairperson of the Practice Group

Human Capital Services BVBA
Dendermonde, Belgium

T: +32 52 256 265
F: +32 52 256 266

Vijesh H. Zinzuwadia
Regional Chairperson Asia Pacific

Zinzuwadia & Co. CA
Ahmedabad, India

T: +91 792 646 7774
F: +91 792 646 78 74

Asher Frankel
Regional Chairperson North America

Devry Smith Frank LLP
Toronto, ON, Canada
T: +1 416 449 1400
F: +1 416 449 7071

Helen E. Ijewere
Regional Chairperson Middle East Africa

Nolands Nigeria
Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos

T: +234 1 454 5042

Seres Baum
Regional Chairperson Latin America

Work Group International
Goiânia, Brazil

T: +55 62 4062 1515

Group Members: