Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Special Interest Group

The intent of the DEI Special Interest Group is to increase awareness and understanding about diversity, equity, and inclusion globally, across GGI member firms. This group discusses best practices and offers education and training on DEI topics for the benefit of member firms. Areas of focus may include:


  • Fostering inclusion and a sense of belonging in our firms;
  • Education on unconscious bias;
  • Education on moving through discomfort to have meaningful conversations;
  • Expanding the diversity of our professional networks, advisors, and client base;
  • Developing inclusive recruiting/hiring practices.


The DEI Special Interest Group focuses on building diverse, equitable and inclusive environments that foster awareness, growth, community, and collaboration.

Jamie Tong-Chow
Global Chairperson of the Special Interest Group

Tonneson + Co
Wakefield, MA, USA

T: +1 781 451 9235
E: jamie.tong-chow@tonneson.com
W: tonneson.com

Group Members: