The core purpose of the Corporate & Tech Practice Group is to enhance the development of skills and professionalism within the legal field to benefit members and their clients, and to further promote each other's respective businesses.

Being part of the Practice Group means that you will have opportunities to learn from highly experienced professionals from different jurisdictions dealing with all kinds of corporate and commercial legal matters. You will also be able to share your own experiences with others and discuss possible solutions to legal matters.

Different topics will be raised, presented and discussed within the group. The topics will differ from time to time depending on interesting recent legal developments and questions raised by members of the group. We will introduce excellent speakers with specialist knowledge within the particular area. We will also join other PGs and share our experiences and knowledge with them in joint sessions.

Ady Nordman
Global Chair of the Practice Group

Soroker Agmon Nordman Riba | IP & beyond
Tel Aviv, Israel

T: +972 9 950 70 00

Lex Keukens
Regional Chair Europe

TeekensKarstens advocaten notarissen
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

T: +31 71 535 8038

Dan Rothberg
Regional Chair North America

Devry Smith Frank LLP
Toronto, ON, Canada

T: +1 416 446 5832

Group Members: