Practice Groups

All over the world GGI members actively participate in the various GGI Practice Groups. The Practice Groups are institutionalised interest groups established by active members of the organisation and are open to all GGI members throughout the different disciplines. Being involved in these groups allows our members to remain at the forefront of their professions by providing their clients with a global organisation of professionals with similar practice focuses and interests through which they can:
  • Exchange information to find better approaches and solutions to clients' issues

  • Stay connected to international information and issues relevant to areas of their practice

  • Exchange ideas, experiences and views to further strengthen communication among fellow members with common practice backgrounds

  • Gain insight into specialised issues

It is the firm intention of GGI to strengthen the position of the Practice Groups and establish and develop new ones to become specialised and focused tools. Practice Groups should aim to become marketable, efficient and competitive products in order to obtain, maintain and better serve clients of GGI member firms.

Practice Groups are an important element to underscore the various specialised fields of knowledge of GGI and its member firms.