Purpose of the Practice Group


The Merger & Acquisition Practice Group (also referred to as MAPG) serves as a point of reference within GGI for the following purposes:

  • Increase awareness of members’ expertise
  • provide technical support to GGI-members re M&A-transactions and exchange knowledge and experiences
  • provide a valuable network of specialist advisors for clients
  • increase business referrals between members
  • encourage cross-border activity and joint projects between members
  • foster interaction with other PG’s, such as ITPG (International Tax Practice Group) or EBOPG (Enhanced Business Opportunities Practice Group).

An online matchmaking platform for deals and advisors, DealMarket, is used by practice group members. The platform supports to make the complex world of private equity investments simpler, more efficient and more cost effective. A suite of industry-leading deal-flow management tools can be found; users will be able to bring order to and standardize the way investors source, store, manage and share deal-flow.

The MAPG encourages all group members to locate local M&A network groups and / or entrepreneur groups and see if they can arrange to speak at such forums.

Additionally, MAPG provides continuing professional education to all GGI-M&A-practitioners via work­shops and presentations of real-life cases, either in GGI regional or world conferences or in PG-meetings.

MAPG is present and active on LinkedIn, and has a dedicated website, which can be found here.

Global Chairperson

Global Vice Chairperson

Tim van der Meer
Marktlink Fusies & Overnames B.V.
Wismarstraat 1
7418 BN Deventer
The Netherlands

T: +31 570 60 70 00
F: +31 570 60 60 10
E: t.vandermeer@marktlink.nl
W: www.marktlink.nl
Antonio Castilla
Grupo Acender
Coronel Pereira 72, 6th and 11th floor
Las Condes, Santiago

T: +56 2 912 00 00
E: antonio.castilla@acender.com
W: www.acender.com

Global Vice Chairperson


Robert Thompson
Ward Hadaway
Sandgate House 102 Quayside
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

T: +44 191 204 4000
F: +44 191 204 4001
E: robert.thompson@wardhadaway.com
W: www.wardhadaway.com