Debt Collection, Restructuring & Insolvency

Purpose of the Practice Group


The GGI Practice Group Debt Collection, Restructuring & Insolvency, which includes over 20 GGI members, was established during the 2008 European Conference. Since then, it has held several meetings and organised some fascinating and relevant presentations. There is a demand for the active and regular exchange of information and know-how among GGI members working in this special field, with, the objective of continuously maintaining and developing the competitive professional expertise of all participants and exploiting potential business opportunities.

The Practice Group has published a common handbook that allows the most important provisions of the participating countries' legal systems to be compared quickly and effectively.

All law firms, auditing-, management- and tax consulting companies, professionals involved in the conducting liquidation procedures and individuals interested in these topics may become members of the Practice Group if their work involves:

  • creditors’ counselling, representation, claim enforcement
  • debtors’ counselling, representation
  • reorganisation counselling, strategy development
  • preparation of creditors’ security structures
  • conducting of bankruptcy- and liquidation procedures
  • any other national or international counselling regarding bankruptcy law


Global Chairperson

Global Vice Chairperson

Dr. Attila Kovács
Kovács Réti Szegheõ Attorneys-at-Law
Bimbó út 143
1024 Budapest

T: +361 275 27 85
F: +361 275 27 84

Mario Kapp
KAPP & PARTNER Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Feldkirchner Strasse 111
8055 Graz-Seiersberg

T: +43 316 22 59 55
F: +43 316 28 20 13