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  • GGI EasyMeet in Zurich, Switzerland
  • GGI Italian Business Summit in Rome, Italy
  • GGI Latin American and World Conference in Cancun, Mexico
  • GGI Asia-Pacific Regional Conference in Mumbai, India

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  • GGI German speaking chaper in Barcelona, Spain

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  • Second edition of GGI's International Tax and Business Guide will be released in October
  • Global networks and associations: Training opportunities and distance learning
  • GGI Member in Moscow is official auditor of FIFA World Cup 2018
  • Obituary - Michael Habersetzer - Certified Auditor/Tax Consultant
  • Smart Devine one of the fastest-growing Firms in the USA
  • GGI member firm Deheng rapidly growth successfully

Common Interest

  • Tide turns against company tax avoidance

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  • Walking in the Wilderness - the Experiences of a French Tax Lawyer Practicing in the U.S.
Private Equity and International Wealth Management
  • US tax deferral savings plan in Malta
Trust & Estate Planning
  • The New Peril of Incorporated Contractors in Canada

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