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  • GGI European Conference in Lisbon
  • Developing Leaders program adds to GGI Culture
  • GGI Leadership Forum in Eisenberg

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  • GGI Practice Group Chairpersons meeting in Zurich
  • GGI EasyMeet Tel Aviv

GGI New Member Firms

GGI Internal News

  • New GGI Logo
  • GGI member firm Prager & Fenton LLP and Metis Group LLC announce combination
  • Successful Event in Romania jointly hosted by four GGI member firms

Common Interest

  • Is your Business Heading Off a Fiscal Cliff?
  • Luxury goods on the edge?
  • The new UK Statutory Residence Test - an Introduction
  • Vibrant Gujarat 2013

GGI Practice Group Pages

Debt Collection & Restructuring
  • GGI Practice Group Debt Collection & Restructuring launches new publication
  • ITPG meets in Amsterdam
Real Estate
  • Correlation between debt policy and land prices?
Trust & Estate Planning
  • The use of family limited partnerships in the context of UK tax and estate planning

GGI Business Travel Tip: Lisbon, Portugal

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