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  • GGI Asian Regional Conference in Bangkok

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  • GGI Boston office opening
  • GGI EasyMeet in Raleigh
  • GGI World Conference in Rome
  • GGI EasyMeet in Prague

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GGI Internal News

  • New GGI Android App available now
  • GGI Membership Directory 2013/2014 available now
  • Global Village on the Move 2013
  • RNM successfully closed a 15 million GBP acquisition
  • Adam Crowson appointed as Regional Manager North America
  • Marketing Event conducted by RNM in New Delhi with Leading Real Estate Developer
  • GGI member firm Nolands opens office in Port Elizabeth
  • GGI member firm Lawler expands to Western Australia

Common Interest

  • Marc Faber anticipates major crash
  • Russian Federation: Removal of Cyprus from its "Black List"
  • Recent Changes in German Insolvency Law
  • Vibrant Gujarat Summit 2013
  • United Kingdom - Open for Business
  • New Tax Regime regarding Intellectual Property and other Tax issues

GGI Practice Group Pages

  • Relevant aspects of the new Law against Money Laundering
M & A
  • GGI M&A Practice Group launched own website
Private Equity and International Wealth Management
  • Our EU Retirement (U.S. Qualified) Plan solution
Real Estate
  • GGI Practice Group Meeting Real Estate in Rome
Trust & Estate Planning
  • The structure of the TEP Practice Group leadership Team

GGI Business Travel Tip - Bangkok, the Kingdom of Thailand

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