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  • GGI German Speaking Chapter in Bolzano, Italy
  • GGI EasyMeet in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA
  • GGI World Conference in Rome, Italy

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  • GGI Leadership Forum in Eisenberg, Austria
  • GGI North & Latin American Joint Regional Conference in Miami, FL, USA

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GGI Internal News

  • GGI Office Opening, Boston, MA, USA
  • GGI is ranked again 6th in the world
  • National UK Award for GGI member firm Haines Watts
  • The GGI North American Regional Council is Underway!

Common Interest

  • Euro on the brink - Interview with Professor Dr. Teodoro Cocca
  • Multiple Government Laws and Regulations Make Data Security Breach Recovery Efforts Complicated in the US
  • International Wealth Preservation in London
  • European Sovereign-Debt Crisis, Preception from Japan, in Contrast to the "Lost Decade"
  • Tax incentives for ship leasing in Australia

GGI Practice Group Pages

  • The UK's secret international trading vehicle
Private Equity and International Wealth Management
  • Investing in Wine: a sustainable choice

GGI Business Travel Tip - Boston, MA, USA

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