Upcoming GGI Conferences

  • GGI ITPG Meeting in London
  • GGI European Conference in Munich
  • GGI Review
  • GGI Asian Regional Conference and World Conference in Beijing
  • GGI Jersey Foundations Event in Zurich
  • GGI EasyMeet in Ljubljana
  • GGI EBAN Winter University in Sophia Antipolis

GGI New Member firms

GGI Internal News

  • Newly published: Investments in Emerging Markets - An Intercultural Challenge
  • Portrait of the practice group Cross Border Debt Collection
  • GGI member Yakovlev & Partners law offices take third place in Kommersant ratings
  • GGI member Quijano & Associates act as counsel to members of the Inter-American Development Bank

Common Interest

  • Private capital: how to deal with the manic side of entrepreneurs
  • Just manic enough: seeking perfect entrepreneurs
  • Indonesia: the most diverse nation on Earth
  • Jersey's new partnership structures a benefit to funds

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