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Pfeiffer Link & Partner has joined GGI from Darmstadt

Pfeiffer Link & Partner is a medium-sized tax consulting and public audit company with offices in Darmstadt/Hessen and Deidesheim/Pfalz. It has provided support to its numerous local and international clients since 1977. 

The areas of expertise cover financial and payroll accounting, annual financial statements, tax consulting and auditing and especially the support for subsidiaries and permanent establishments of domestic and foreign parent companies, international tax law and the digitalization of accounting processes.

Pfeiffer Link & Partner provides support for companies of all sizes (public, private, SMEs, start-ups, etc.) operating in various sectors e.g. industrial, trade, services, real estate, etc.

The staff of Pfeiffer Link & Partner consists of 30 highly qualified professionals.

16 May 2024

Philip Goll

Pfeiffer Link & Partner - Steuerberater/Wirtschaftsprüfer, Partner

Stephan Fleck

Pfeiffer Link & Partner - Steuerberater/Wirtschaftsprüfer, Managing Partner

Pfeiffer Link & Partner - Steuerberater/Wirtschaftsprüfer