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GCG Deal Announcement | Baldi Finance spa and Baldi & Partners advised ALBA S.r.l.

Baldi & Partners and Baldi Finance spa advised ALBA S.r.l. in the sale to Gruppo Florence.

Founded in the heart of Florence in 1935, ALBA S.r.l. has a strong heritage and is specialised in the production of bags and other leather accessories for some of the most iconic luxury brands.

Founded in 2020, Gruppo Florence is the first integrated industrial cluster in Italy that spans the entire value chain, from product development to production for the international luxury world, with a turnover of more than €600 million in 2022.

The transaction was led by Francesca Baldi.

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21 June 2023

Francesca Baldi

Baldi & Partners, President

Baldi & Partners

Baldi Finance S.p.A.

GCG | Geneva Capital Group