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Cavour announces the creation of the Industry Experts team

In January, a team of seven industry experts has been offcially presented; they all held previous senior positions in medium/large corporates, thus acquiring specific skills and knowledge in several industrial sectors.

These professionals are now starting a new path as industrial consultants on an exclusive basis in Cavour’s M&A operations. The plan to establish an Industry Experts team had been under consideration for some time now and it progressively took shape with the identification of a group of professionals with whom there are consolidated and long-term relationships.

The Industry Experts will have a key role in the execution of those mandates that require highly specialised and qualified skills in specific industrial sectors, bringing a precise understanding of the business, a more focused identification of the targets sought by the counterparts, and an accurate assessment of all the key factors in the business due diligence phase.

The professionals will make available their know-how and their relationships gained in sectors such as food and beverage, luxury and fashion, retail and consumer goods, mechanics and electronics, ICT, and logistics and will allow Cavour to present itself on the market as a reality where financial, industrial, managerial, and academic skills are combined.

View the expert team and their CVs at

The Industry Expert team will constitute, in the coming years, one of Cavour’s main assets, together with the network of foreign partners and correspondents the brand has consolidated in over 30 years of activity, and the privileged relationships with the Private Equity Groups; these relations with Private Equity Groups will mainly benefit from the contribution of the technical and industrial skills and knowledge coming from these new professionals, bringing added value in the identification and selection of targets for acquisitions as well as in the disposal of investments.

15 April 2021

Dr Antonio Zecchino

Cavour Corporate Finance, Chairman

Cavour Corporate Finance

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