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Cavour and its Industry Experts team

Cavour’s Industry Experts team is a group of professionals who held senior positions in medium to large corporations, who have acquired specific skills and knowledge in several industrial sectors. These professionals are now starting a new path as industrial consultants on an exclusive basis in Cavour’s M&A operations. 

The Industry Experts team has a key role in the execution of those mandates that require highly specialised and qualified skills in specific industrial sectors, bringing a precise understanding of these businesses, a focused identification of the targets sought by the counterparts, and an accurate assessment of all the key factors in the business due diligence phase. 

These professionals make available their know-how and access to their relationships gained in sectors such as Food & Beverage, Luxury & Fashion, Retail & Consumer Goods, Mechanics and Electronics, ICT, and Logistics, and allow Cavour to present itself on the market with an expert team featuring a sophisticated combination of financial, industrial, managerial and academic skills. 

View the expert team and their CVs here.  

30 January 2024

Cavour Corporate Finance

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