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Miles Talent Hub: Revolutionising the accounting talent landscape with the power of STEM

by Varun Jain

Together, let's build stronger accounting teams for the future.

Are you facing a critical shortage of qualified accounting professionals? 

Outsourcing may seem like the only solution, but it often comes with challenges like communication barriers, data security risks, and limited integration of offshore teams.

Miles Talent Hub offers a groundbreaking alternative. We provide access to a curated pool of over 1200 highly skilled accountants, readily available for direct hire within your US offices. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Direct Recruitment: Build a cohesive and integrated team by directly hiring top-tier accounting professionals who seamlessly align with your firm's culture and requirements.

  • Cost-Effective Acquisition: Leverage the power of STEM! Partner with Miles Talent Hub and benefit from graduates of prestigious universities like Michigan State University, Rutgers University, and Case Western Reserve University. These institutions offer specialized Master's programs in Accounting & Analytics, granting graduates OPT eligibility under the STEM designation. This allows them to work for you for three years under an F1 visa, with no visa sponsorship or FICA taxes required during this initial period.

Reduced Costs and Building Long-Term Value: Our approach offers significant benefits compared to outsourcing.

  • Cost Savings: Enjoy substantial cost reductions throughout the initial period. Miles alumni can work for up to three years under the OPT program, eliminating the need for visa sponsorship and FICA taxes. Additionally, our remote work option offers further cost savings.

  • Enhanced Collaboration and Risk Mitigation: Foster a strong domestic team environment, leading to superior collaboration, knowledge sharing, improved client service, and complete control over data security.

  • Sustainable Talent Strategy: Retain top performers even after the OPT period by transitioning them to a remote work arrangement in India. Miles Talent Hub manages payroll at a 50% cost reduction compared to US salaries. These remote team members can still travel to the US for short periods on B1/B2 visas, ensuring continued collaboration. Importantly, even if the H1-B visa application isn't approved, you can retain this valuable talent.

Additionally, we are thrilled to announce our partnership with Franklin University to offer the additional 30 credit hours required for CPA licensure at the incredibly affordable rate of only USD 99 per credit hour. This comprehensive online program is aligned with the CPA exam and includes the Miles CPA Review program bundled at no extra cost.

This new offering is part of our multi-pronged strategy to address the accountant shortage. The impact of Miles Talent Hub is already being felt across the industry. Numerous GGI member firms, including Tonneson & Co., already benefit from this exceptional talent pool.

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Miles Talent Hub
New York City, NY, USA

24 May 2024

Varun Jain

Miles Talent Hub

Miles Talent Hub