Dear GGI member firm!

First of all we would like to announce you that last month our company has joined to Geneva Group International and become first independent member consulting firm which have an activity in Republic of Azerbaijan.

Currently our company is looking for potential candidates (firm) through GGI’s member firms which would be able to cooperate with us in form of consortium in perspective to bid forthcoming the World Bank’s tender on providing consultancy services for the following project “modernization of the capital market in Republic of Azerbaijan”. The broad information about the project you may get from the World Bank web link shown below:

The scopes of work of the given tender consider carrying out four components that each of them considerably will impact in complex to develop the capital market in the country. These components are described below:

Component 1: Streamlining and Automating Market Infrastructure. This Component will address these constraints by streamlining market infrastructure in order to create economies of scale and improve price discovery and risk management.

Component 2: Updating and Strengthening the Legal and Regulatory Framework. This component will support adoption of a robust legal and regulatory environment that promotes transparency and the establishment and maintenance of investor confidence and protection. This Component of the Project will largely build on the preparation of the draft and on other (if any) EU initiatives to approximate EC Directives in the Azerbaijan capital market regulatory framework.

Component 3: Stimulating Supply. This Component will promote greater use of capital markets as a financing alternative by stimulating supply through a number of instruments.

Component 4: Capacity Building. The capital markets regulator (i.e., the SCS), potential investors and market intermediaries all lack capacity to actively engage in the capital market activities. This Component will seek to overcome this obstacle through launching capacity building activities to enhance capacity of market players through serious of workshops, establishment of Training center, public campaign and similar.

Therefore, we would be very glad if potential firm through GGI’s will consider our request and in case having extensive experience to carry out the peer project or at least one of the above mentioned components (especially in CIS countries) to express willingness (no later than 25 October, 2011) jointly to take part at the expecting tender.

Your soon feedback will be appreciated.

Kind regards,

Faiq Abbasov

Managing partner
“FINRE Consulting” LLC
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AZ1009 Baku, Azerbaijan
S.Rahimov str., block 309
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