Investment opportunity in the Beverage Industry ~

Bevyz Global Ltd is a company founded in Malta in 2004 by a beverage systems specialist (Edouard Sterngold, former International Director of SodaStream). Bevyz has developed a unique patented single-portion multi-drink system that dispenses an extensive range of premium-tasting beverages for the commercial (Out of Home – OOH machine) and residential markets (At Home – AH machine)

The value of this system appears strong, ensuring a robust growth opportunity:
~ A unique system able to dispense every ‘drink moment of the day’
~ An environmentally-friendly, convenient and cost-efficient system
~ A ‘razor/razorblade’ model underpinning an attractive recurring revenue and profit opportunity
~ A large and fast-growing accessible market

In order to pursue its development, after investing €24m, Bevyz is currently seeking new funds to rapidly:
~ Accelerate its OOH distribution in more than 10 countries
~ Further develop and prepare the ‘Fresh’ AH model for launch in Q1 2014
~ License its technology to leading home appliance manufacturers (Bevyz ‘Inside’).

If any of your client investors would like more information about this excellent opportunity, including our business plan which we produced together with our partners “eponyme partners” in Paris, please do not hesitate to contact me on +356 79428604 or drop me an email at:


Kevin Mifsud
kmconsultants, Malta