Impact Investment Project from Singapore

Dear Sir or Madam,

First of all, I hope you are doing well.

To introduce myself, I’m French, lawyer working since 2000 in International business environment, advising and structuring international structures and M&A operations. I’m based in Singapore since 2011 where I’m equity owner and executive director of Camelot Trust Pte Ltd ( which is member of GGI network since last year.

Aside my professional activities, I’m putting in place a personal Agri related project in Cambodia I would like to personally introduce to you. I have to say that I’m not a specialist of the fund raising part of our activities and I have some difficulties to find the $3.2million we are seeking, would you then be able interested to help or to have any idea to whom I can address this project, it will be really appreciated.

I know the trend of investment is actually in new technologies, this project is actually not high tech oriented, focusing much more on the impacts a new organization model of the Cambodian Agri business could achieve.

The basic idea is helping small farmers by providing them with mechanization services, raw materials, training and supervision necessary for their work (without pre-financing from them) and offering them access to a local buyer, namely a local industrial processing plants we are intending to invest in and to set up (initially a rice mill since they mainly produce rice).

The project deck is attached for your information and all the local permits for this project have been secured in Cambodia.

The initial site of the project will be in the Province of Kampong Thom (Cambodia) which presents the possibility to work on 1000 ha in the district of Barei. The scale of the project includes work on land of 1000 hectares, and involves about 1,400 families of farmers.

A crop rotation plan has been put in place by an agronomist specialist in permaculture. From one single production, farmers will increase to at least three harvests a year (two harvests of rice, one of sesame initially), which will increase their income as well as the quality of their products. We plan for organic productions and a permaculture system.

Initially, it is planned to invest in tractors and seeders as well as in 2 silos, a dryer and a rice miller everything configured for 1000 hectares or 8000 tons of paddy rice. Processed rice is expected to be sold locally and internationally. The paddy rice will be purchased at a good price taking into account the services provided and we will share a part of the benefit of the industrial processing plant. For the first years at least, we will also have to purchase seeds (certified ones) but we plan to have a local seed production as fast as possible.

We closely work with the authorities of Cambodia, at government and local level and also with the Royal University of Agriculture of Cambodia the dean of which is part of our team. The project is expecting to have huge impacts on the local population especially farmers’ families and is sustainable.

The investment being sought is USD 3.2 million and investors can be reimbursed from the 2nd year annually in 7 installments. An income ranging between 5 to 12% could also be paid out depending on the negotiated terms.

If you would like to have more information on this project, I can organize a conference call with my colleagues and you at your convenience.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warmest regards  

Sébastien Gravière (+6594242382 –