GGI Intercultural Guide and Business Etiquette: Last opportunity to sign-up for additional contributions

GGI Practice Group Enhanced Business Opportunities (PG EBO) has initiated the publication of a GGI guide on intercultural business aspects, considering theses as key factors for successfully doing business abroad for GGI member firms as well as their clients. The publication shall thus serve as internal source of information and also as a marketing tool to give away to existing or potential clients. Authors from all continents have committed to cooperate in this challenging project; many members have already handed-in their country profiles. However, some countries are still not covered and all GGI firms are invited to contribute.

It is scheduled to close the collection of country profiles before the next GGI conference, the Panamerican Conference in Miami, by end of June. The coordination of the project is done by Natalie Kutschera who can be contacted for obtaining the schedule, more information about the contents of the different chapters or any question related the project: .Please contact her quickly to check if your country is still on sale.