It’s time to have your say!

Nominate a fellow GGI member you have worked with well, to receive GGI’s XLNC “Member Firm of the Year” Award 2017. It only will take 2 minutes of your time.

These Awards have been introduced in 2013 to recognise member firms that are prominent in particular areas of expertise and excellence within the GGI community. Each year three firms are bestowed this prestigious award.

The fourth annual GGI XLNC “Member Firm of the Year” Awards will be presented during the GGI World Conference in Vienna in October 2017. If you believe that one of our members has gone that extra mile and deserves to win this prestigious award then you can make it happen.

You can nominate a member two ways, either by replying to this email or via the traditional method by logging in to the internal area of the GGI website and following these steps (it will only take 2 minutes). All GGI members are eligible to submit one nomination. Self-nominations are not accepted. Non-GGI members are not permitted to submit nominations.

Go to GGI Awards > GGI Member Firm of the Year > Submit your Nomination.

Fill in the required information and click “Send”.

Nominations submitted in either way must include the following information:

* Name, firm and e-mail address of member who is nominating another member
* Nominated firm
* Reasons for nomination

Nominations must be sent before 24 February 2017.

GGI Management and GGI Executive Committee will then select the 3 winners in May for the GGI Member Firm of the Year 2017.

You can read further information about the GGI XLNC “Member Firm of the Year” Awards (such as concept, different categories, key requirements, nomination form and information about winners) in the internal area of the GGI website (GGI Awards).