European Monitor – Bulletin Issue 9

Dear GGI members,

The European Monitor 9 contains the last two week’s EU news collected by GGI representatives in Brussels, mostly using publicly unavailable materials gathered in the corridors of EU institutions, and from the internal materials of research institutions, financial institutions and specialised organisations. We believe, that our members – especially the professionals working in the 281 member offices within the European Union – might benefit from an insight into the inner working of the EU.

The European Monitor is organised thematically in order to appeal to the Practice Groups, the links redirect the readers to more detailed websites and background materials. The developments of the past two weeks, the newly added titles are indicated in cursive both in the table of contents and within the text itself.

Considerable amounts are available in the European Union’s budget for the central treatment of unforeseeable problems. The EU uses these funds to finance retraining programmes after the closure of factories; for the handling of natural disasters, floods or in drought mitigation; for revenue shortfalls due to the economic sanctions, etc. We collect these opportunities in a separate chapter. Does members who wish to expand their activities beyond Europe, might find valuable information under the chapter “country specific support”.

Using this same opportunity, we also list all the “Your Voice in Europe” topics open for discussion, where each and every GGI member can express an opinion and thus influence EP decisions.

Finally, we would like to draw your attention to upcoming events and conferences that you might wish to attend or follow up on. All in all, this issue is the insider glimpse into the European Union, on how it works, and also, how to influence it.

The Bulletin Issue 9 is hereby attached and will be included in the “Documents/European Monitor Issues” section of the internal area.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. László Tunyogi (