Employment Law Practice Group launch in Cannes

Dear members of GGI,

We have the pleasure to announce the launch of the Practice Group Employment Law at the GGI European Conference in Cannes on Saturday morning.

The specific goals of the Practice Group shall be: the exchange of country specifics in employment law, increase of employment law referrals, the promotion of contacts and the establishment of an international employment law network within GGI.

The membership of this Practice Group is open to any member of GGI, especially attorneys-at-law, tax lawyers and accountants. During the launch, together with the (founding) members of this new Practice Group, we want to define common goals and agree on long term projects.

For our first meeting we propose the following topic: “Are fixed term contracts the price of more employment? Dynamics on European labour markets”.

Everyone who is interested to actively contribute to this workshop of her / his own is encouraged to do so.

Please be invited to join us in Cannes by simply register through the GGI website or at the reception desk during the conference.

We very look forward to meeting you!

Best regards,

Jeffrey Kenens (TeekensKarstens)
Andrea Hellmann (Wendler Tremml)