CV Adam Crowson



Adam Crowson

CEO North America


Adam Crowson joined GGI in April 2011 and is responsible for maintaining and developing the GGI North American Region. This includes managing the GGI North American Regional Head Office which is located in Boston.

As a former resident of Las Vegas, Nevada he graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a degree in Finance with a focus on derivatives and Macroeconomics. He always wanted to understand how business motivates and shapes the world we live in.

Prior to GGI, Adam worked in the Real Estate Finance field before and after the Real Estate industry collapse.

He comes from a large military family which has instilled upon him a certain set of family values. He also became quite accustomed to traveling as moving frequently is a large aspect of life in the military.

Adam has always had a passion for food and wine and is a Certified Sommelier.