Whether you're a business or a high net wealth individual operating locally or globally - every decision you make has tax implications. This is why GGI member firm tax professionals ensure they maintain an overview of all of the tax relevant issues for companies and individuals, allowing them to provide appropriate solutions.

GGI's strong international alliance of GGI member firm tax professionals means that their range of services is at your disposal in more than 118 countries worldwide.

International & Local Corporate Tax
With the globalisation of markets, domestic companies investing abroad are becoming increasingly important, as are foreign companies investing in a country. Tax advice across borders deals with tax planning at home and abroad. It also aims to optimise tax at group level by using a business and tax-oriented group structure. The involvement of holdings, management, finance and special service companies is particularly relevant in this area.

GGI member firm tax professionals in more than 120 countries guarantees professional tax advice in all transnational tax matters. They ensure that you have competent advisors who are familiar with local national law and will help you with commitments at home and abroad.
Personal Tax Consulting & Planning
Nowadays, there are many more high net worth individuals than in the past. However, they often neglect investing their assets strategically, or preserving and increasing their family's assets for generations to come.

GGI member firm professionals in tax and asset advice for individuals are here to design tailor-made complete solutions and coordinate their implementation, even on a global scale.
VAT & Indirect Taxes
As business becomes increasingly international and cross-border trade in goods and services intensifies, advising on complex sales tax and customs issues is growing in importance. The constant growth in statutory regulation means people need to be more aware of the tax implications involved.

On issues like these, GGI member firms can help you reduce sales tax and customs law risks, optimise your national and international flows of goods and services and realise potential excise duty savings. This allows us to respond to any changes quickly on your behalf and implement them promptly in your business.
Transfer Pricing
Transfer pricing is a decisive value driver for any international business; and documenting intra-group transfer prices plays a major role here. Used correctly, transfer pricing minimises global tax rates and optimises global group profits.

In-depth tax inspections, looking critically for non-deductible profit transfers, meeting local documentation requirements effectively and pragmatically, as well as new transfer pricing rules are constant challenges which businesses face.
Expat Tax Services
The comprehensive network of markets means that cross-border knowledge transfer is becoming progressively more important. As a result, staff working for global groups must be increasingly mobile and are being seconded across borders. In addition to being embedded in national tax and social security structures, staff and employers also face tax and social security law in their destination countries.

As part of their expatriate tax services, they assist businesses in making their secondments effective and minimising costs. GGI's strong international alliance of GGI member firm expatriate tax professionals means their range of services is at your disposal in more than 120 countries worldwide.
Tax Compliance
Taxes are among the main cost drivers for business, another reason why tax compliance is a key part in many business agendas. It is becoming more common for companies to hire tax risk managers and produce tax risk policies, not just to meet increasingly complex tax and legal tax compliance demands, but also for more efficient and progressive tax planning.

This puts tax risks under greater control, so businesses can evaluate them in good time, recognise impending risks early on and provide a better overall assessment. This boosts confidence of investors, shareholders and the general public in a company and improves its reputation.
Tax Disputes
Tax disputes and investigations are very much on the rise, with proceedings now being conducted more efficiently and stringently. This means that tax disputes are raising issues that must be responded to with comprehensive experience and professional competence.

Among GGI's members are proven professionals who can settle tax disputes successfully for companies and individuals alike. GGI member firm professionals make sure potential scope can be used. Procedural efficiency and reasonable solutions are their watchwords.