Fiduciary & Estate Planning

High net worth individuals have more dependents, more possessions, more investments, more taxes, more responsibilities and more to lose. Yet still you're expected to fight your way through countless emails and voicemails each day, whilst also trying to hang on to your sanity, your ideal weight and quality time with your family.

GGI member firm professionals in financial, tax and estate planning provide total wealth management, a comprehensive approach to investment management. Day and night, at home and abroad, you can enjoy the benefits of your great fortune and hopefully relax, knowing that your money is in safe hands while also having a little more fun with your wealth.

After all, isn't that why you worked so hard to earn it in the first place?

Family Office Services
Asset-related services are a matter of trust - that goes for individuals and entrepreneurs alike. GGI's practitioners have strong ties to private banks and asset management advisors, so they can counsel private clients and family offices of all sizes confidently in tax and legal matters. Their experience and professionalism show that you can rely on tried and tested practical solutions, adding value for you.

The questions asked by individuals and families on tax and law have become increasingly international, complex and interdisciplinary in recent years. They involve topics such as domestic and foreign bank accounts and property, international stock portfolios and alternative investments. At the same time, regulatory requirements have become significantly more complex and rigorous.

These developments have increased the trend towards putting the management of your own assets into the competent hands of a family office. Both groups - private individuals and family offices - are thinking and acting like institutional investors, and putting demands on their assets and advisors accordingly.

They know both the issues and the solutions, and have advised their clients extensively and successfully on the right way to set up a family office and the issues it involves.
Wealth Management
GGI member firm's many years of experience in investment advice means they can holistically help their clients plan and implement a family code. They work with our clients to define their families' assets, transparently and effectively establishing structures and processes.

To ensure high quality advice, they combine the competences of independent asset management and tax and succession planning and, on a case-by-case basis, they are able to call on GGI's platform ofprofessionals in more than 120 countries in all areas of law and finance.

You must protect your assets and use them optimally and effectively for future generations. As strategic, independent investment advisors, they take pleasure in helping you with this task.
Establishing & Administrating Trusts
Trusts are one preferred way of controlling what happens to a family's assets when they are passed on. GGI member firm's tax and legal professionals can create the right trust for you, protecting your assets and enabling beneficiaries to enjoy their independence freely.

They analyse your specific needs and review the tax aspects to decide what kind of trust best suits your lifestyle and family. Differences in recognising trusts from a tax perspective require careful planning. GGI member firm's experienced tax planning practitioners can produce tailor-made solutions to protect your wealth and allow your beneficiaries to enjoy their independence in full.

They can help you set up and manage trusts and foundations in legal systems worldwide. They commit themselves as reliable, professional members of trust boards and can serve you as trustees, protectors and appointers.
Financial Planning
For GGI's independent member firms, financial planning means the process of developing strategies aimed at helping private clients settle their financial matters to achieve their business and private goals.

Their financial planning is a holistic consultancy service organised as a systematic, coordinated planning process. It is aimed at entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. Financial planning intends to put entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals in a position where they can define certain financial objectives and realise them based on their specific financial, legal, personal and family starting positions.
Philanthropy Consulting
Philanthropy consulting helps donors pursue their philanthropy for the good of society, using tailor-made information and tools to bring their needs together to best effect.

There are many fiscal and legal conditions that charitable and non-profit organisations (NPO) need to meet to be recognised as non-profit-making for tax purposes; and NPOs need to use their funds promptly for their preferential tax purposes.

GGI member firm's foundation and NPO practitioners focus on tax law and legal support for tax-privileged corporations of all forms, and know what it takes to be recognised as one.