Businesses need capital. It makes them capable, flexible and successful. GGI member firm professionals can help you make the right decisions in managing your capital and transactions strategically - so you're always armed in a rapidly changing world. Whether you're moving into new markets, focusing on your core competences or looking for new business opportunities: acquisitions, disposals, spin-offs, mergers and restructuring may be the way to realise your business goals and integrate into a complex, dynamic competitive environment.

We put the whole portfolio of our consultant network's experience in over 120 countries at the service of managing your capital. Strategies and concepts may vary, but one thing's clear: doing nothing lets your competitors get ahead. That's what makes the difference between mere service providers and consultants.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Successful mergers and acquisitions start by defining an acquisition strategy and conducting a target search. GGI member firm professionals can help you focus on potential merger or acquisition candidates and open doors, while also allowing you to continue overall day-to-day business as normal.

Defining an acquisition strategy is one thing, but finding the right merger or acquisition candidate is another. With GGI's worldwide platform, they can search for, contact and evaluate merger and acquisition candidates to suit you.

As a client, you benefit from a strong team of GGI member firm M&A professionals and take a partner with transaction experience on board, who can be there with you all the way from search to integration.
Business Valuations
Working out what a business or intangible assets are worth calls for a great deal of specialist knowledge: so it's good if you have an experienced partner who knows their way around different valuation methods, and if you consider both the tax and legal aspects at the same time.
Financial Due Diligence
Valuing a potential acquisition involves analysing the target company in depth. As well as the financial aspects, knowing how they work and add value is a major factor here.

GGI member firm's due diligence practitioners analyse the financial risks and opportunities of potential M&A targets.

As well as analysing balance sheets and profit and loss accounts, comprehensive business due diligence also looks at conditions in the target company's market and the operational circumstances which matter when deciding whether to buy.
Transaction Services
When using business transactions to add value for shareholders, it's essential to prepare them in detail in advance, assess them precisely and implement them rigorously. Tolerance for mistakes is low and lenders and investors have no time for misjudgments. So the question is: how can a deal achieve the value you expect?

With GGI's platform of transaction advisors in more than 120 countries, GGI member firm professionals can help you with advisory services tailored specifically to meet your needs.

They've meshed their transaction advisory services closely together, focusing on one thing: what you need and demand when it comes to capital - whether it's about hedging, optimising, procuring or investing.

They claim to make the right strategic decisions with you, helping you improve decision-making processes to exploit competitive advantages and add value to your business.
Private Equity
When people think of private equity, most usually only consider business transactions. There's more to it than that though: private equity means a constant cycle of fundraising, investment decisions, portfolio management and successful implementation.

GGI member firm's Private Equity professionals know this cycle inside out. It was established to offer our clients the best possible advice very step of the way, and to assist them with important decisions and the implementation of added value strategies. They will be at your side in all private equity, venture capital investment and disinvestment (exit).
Early Stage & Alternative Finance
Increasing competition for market share as well as internal and external growth means that finance is a key factor in growing your business. Companies are making their finance more flexible, not just in tax terms, but specifically also with an eye to innovative alternative forms of finance.

GGI member firm professionals can help with all matters relating to alternative finance options. The strong team of GGI member firm's transaction practitioners can help develop the right financial solutions for you. They can assist you through the whole transaction process, from financial strategy to implementing projects.
IPO Consulting
A successful IPO calls for intensive professional preparation. An IPO process takes up major business resources, and is always under time pressure. It requires professional support in accounting, budgeting and controlling, finance, tax and business law, corporate governance and project management as a whole.

GGI member firm professionals can help you, using our interdisciplinary consultancy approach at all stages of an IPO. They are independent of banks, so you can rely on a fair valuation and set the stage for earning the most out of your issue.