All GGI members are cordially invited to nominate another GGI member firm as Member Firm of the Year.

Award nominations are received through written submissions through our online nomination form before 2 March 2019.

All GGI members are eligible to submit one nomination per award. Self-nominations are not accepted. Non-GGI members are not permitted to submit nominations. 

Please submit your nomination for the GGI Member Firm of the Year award by using the online nomination form below. Self-nominations are not accepted. Nominations must include the following information:

•    Name, firm and e-mail of member who is nominating another member
•    Nominated firm
•    Reasons for nomination

Criteria for your nomination can e.g. Reliability, professionalism, best practices, response behaviour, reputation, certification and further training, outstanding commitment and professional qualifications.

If applicable, approving files, exchange of correspondence, certificates, etc. could be sent in addition by e-mail to Barbara Reiss,

Only one nomination per person can be accepted. Non-GGI members are not permitted to submit nominations.

Nominations have to be sent before 2 March 2019.

* Required information