We are very pleased to present the three winners of the GGI Member Firm of the Year Awards 2022 in alphabetical order, by company name

Guzmán Ariza, Attorneys at Law


“We are truly excited and honoured to be recognised as GGI Member Firm of the Year 2022, from among a spectacular group of piers and colleagues, to whom we are forever grateful for nominating us.” says Fabio J. Guzmán Ariza, Founder and Managing Partner. “Being long time members of this alliance has given us the opportunity to provide professional advice across the globe, as well as create synergies with our GGI colleagues, from which our clients are immensely benefited. We strive to live up to the standards that such recognition entails and to reflect the values for which the alliance is well known, as well as to enjoy many more years of success alongside our GGI family.”

Founded in 1927, Guzmán Ariza is the largest law firm in the Dominican Republic with eight offices strategically located throughout the country, allowing us to provide immediate and accurate answers and quick results. The firm is client-oriented and offers a full range of services, through a multilingual team of experts. Our practices have earned us a reputation in the local and international business community as a trusted and respected firm that produces results.




“It is a great honour to be awarded ‘GGI Member Firm of the Year 2022’ and on behalf of our management and all our staff, we would like to thank the entire alliance, the judging panel, and of course our GGI colleagues for nominating us as one of the Members of the Year,” say Vincent Siguier and Jérémy Cardenas, who attended the GGI World Conference in Montréal, Canada, and accepted the award. “We very much appreciate the support and trust placed in us, as the award reflects virtues such as reliability, professionalism, outstanding commitment, and client services. All these are qualities and merits that we encounter every day with our esteemed GGI colleagues and the reason we joined this highly professional alliance many years ago. We are proud to be part of the GGI family and we had wonderful experiences in conducting business with GGI colleagues — both in providing services to their clients and they in delivering outstanding advice to our clients. We look forward to continuing to provide outstanding professional advice across the globe with our esteemed colleagues in the future.”




"Being accepted as a GGI member was a proud moment for us at Nolands. Being measured against the highest benchmark of professional criteria and then winning GGI Member Firm of the Year 2022 has taken that pride to the next level. 

We thank the GGI management for the privilege and honour of bestowing this award upon us. 

When Nolands started in 1976, relationships were at the heart of everything we did. Since those early days, nothing has changed, and today we’re grateful for the many strong relationships — anchored in trust, independence, quality, and communication — that we’ve formed with GGI members around the world. These relationships have in no small measure contributed to our success and ability to provide our clients with quality advice and cross-border business. 

In closing, our company wouldn’t be what it is without the incredible people that work with us — staff and clients alike. We thank every one of you for both your commitment and loyalty to Nolands and the incredible support you’ve given us over the years. We couldn’t have done this without you." (Clive Nolands)