We are very pleased to present the three winners of the GGI Member Firm of the Year Awards 2020 in alphabetical order, by company name


We have benefited greatly from the decision to become a GGI member in 2013. We have worked together with many colleagues from GGI firms from different countries in the SCHWECHEL Bernhard _ 10x15-newsletterpast years. Our clients operate worldwide, so it was important for us to strengthen our international focus.

We are always enthusiastic about the commitment and quality we experience when working with GGI colleagues on cross-border issues. Placing the needs of our client base into the hands of GGI firms improved our reputation in our domestic market.

Our international orientation has become much stronger because we can always use our contacts in GGI firms in other countries to support our clients.

The basis for a successful cooperation with our colleagues in GGI companies is a good personal relationship. In the past years we have made many friends at the conferences. We are proud to be part of the GGI family and look forward to meeting each other in person again in the future."

tonneson + co

Richard Mastrocola "We would like to thank GGI Management, the ExCom and our fellow GGI members for the honour of being named a “GGI Member Firm of the Year 2020”. Our entire firm is so proud and thankful to receive this important recognition. We also congratulate FACT and Traversoni & Bengolea Abogados. We are truly in good company with current and past GGI member firms. 

I can’t begin to tell you what it has meant to our firm to have a global network of trusted firms that we can rely on. We strongly support GGI’s core values of Integrity, Competence, Independence, Respect and Passion, which makes us proud to be a GGI member firm.

This recognition from our peers within the GGI family means a great deal to all of us at tonneson + co. We are humbled, and we are grateful. ”

Traversoni & Bengolea Abogados

Jorge Gustavo Traversoni - NEW - USE THIS ONE - Nov 2020

"On behalf of Traversoni & Bengolea Law Firm's partners, management and all of our staff, I would like to sincerely thank all GGI members, colleagues and friends for this special recognition during these uncertain times.

We are proud to be part of the GGI family since 2007. During this time, we have been able to build professional, reliable and long-term relationships, as well as solid friendships in many cases.

We were able to support our clients in doing a lot of cross-border business with the help of our GGI fellows around the globe – we could always rely on loyalty, professionalism and outstanding commitment. We have also helped many clients of other GGI member firms to conclude successful business transactions in Argentina.

But not only business referrals! GGI has also enabled us to exchange a lot of experiences and knowledge. It is very valuable to stay connected with like-minded professionals worldwide, with whom we were able to build close relationships during past GGI events – it’s a firm foundation for trust and confidence.

With the present recognition, we are encouraged to keep on working to continue providing outstanding professional advice for your and our clients.

We strongly believe in GGI's standards and we work to comply with them."

Thank you dear colleagues, thank you Miguel Mantelli for introducing us to GGI, and thank you Michael and Claudio for leading GGI and keeping it thriving.”