80% reduction for GGI members on IBFD tax database and publications

Dear GGI fellow members,

The International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) offer a 80% reduction to GGI members if we agree to license at least 20 times the same bundle of IBFD products. The products have been presented at the ITPG meeting in Marbella on 11 February 2012 and 12 GGI members said that they will go for it and 9 others wanted to think about it. As ITPG chairman I would like to give all GGI members the chance to join us. Please find attached the proposal, a product overview, a corporate brochure and a draft version of the IBFD Access Agreement for 1 year without automatic renewal from IBFD. According to our needs the package may not only cover the Global Tax Explorer Plus but also the Transfer Pricing and VAT content modules or all modules with access to 35 individual databases in the IBFD Online Membership.

IBFD has offered the following free of charge online trainings with more detailed information and demonstration for GGI members:

Session 1 – Monday 12th March 11:00 hrs (CET) (e.g. users in Europe)
Session 2 – Monday 12th March 16:00 hrs (CET) (both Europe and part of US users may join)
Session 3 – Wednesday 14th March at 09:00 hrs (CET) (we can cover most of users in Asia).

IBFD also offers GGI members a free trial access for 2 weeks between March 12 – 25. If you are interested in the online presentations and/or the free trial access please contact Mr. Pavel Grishunin from IBFD at p.grishunin@ibfd.org and register with him and tell him you are a GGI member. In case you are interested to join the GGI members licensing the IBFD products please contact me on o.biernat@benefitax.de.

Thank you for your attention

Oliver Biernat

Chairman GGI International Taxation Practice Group (ITPG)”