02 May 2012, 12:00 hrs: the AGBC Frankfurt invites you to its Luncheon Meeting with GGI members Oliver Biernat and Stanley Ruchelman

Just how FATCA will impact US-German business relations is a matter of discussion for some, but completely unknown to most. This new tax law, enacted in 2010 by the US, is supposed to locate US taxpayers with income abroad. Germany and other European governments have agreed to apply the FATCA rules starting 2014. So Americans living abroad still have one year-plus to find out what is going to change. GGI members Oliver Biernat and Stanley Ruchelman will discuss the FATCA rules and their implications on German-US business relations, e.g. the problems German corporations with US stakeholders may encounter, what US citizens
living in Germany should be aware of, and how the I.R.S. is searching for Americans whose names have been forwarded by banks or other tax authorities.

Oliver Biernat’s firm “Benefitax” is a German tax consulting and public audit company, focussing on cross border business and international tax issues.
Stanley C. Ruchelman is head of the Ruchelman Law Firm in New
York City. He is a recognized expert on international taxation, having earlier served as a Senior Attorney in the IRS’s Legislation & Regulations Division.

Want to know what the IRS has in store for all of us? Then plan to attend this AGBC luncheon and hear it from those who know.

Attached you can find the registration form. Please register by April 26th, 2012.